Only climbers take on Capitol Peak |

Only climbers take on Capitol Peak

I have read your recent articles on the fatalities on Capitol Peak. As someone who has climbed Capitol Peak along with most of Colorado’s fourteeners and most of the 4,000-meter peaks in the Alps including the Matterhorn, I must admit that I cringe when you refer to the deceased as a “hiker.”

The aptly named “knife edge” has a greater than 1,000-foot drop on each side and is clearly not a “hike.” It is extremely misleading to refer to anyone who has climbed or attempted to climb Capitol Peak as anything but a climber. To refer to them as hikers does a serious disservice to your readers as it trivializes the risks involved and could cause them to get into a situation that is way over their ability with the very real possibility of serious and sometimes fatal consequences.

Marshall Hall


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