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One-sided opinion

One-sided opinion

Is it responsible journalism to write an opinion that is very one-sided with extremely limited knowledge and partial understanding about a very sensitive subject? Poor Paul Anderson was attacked and is a victim because people were mean! I’m so sorry if I was one of the people that hurt your sensitive feelings, Paul! But you maybe should have realized that there are many people that are also very sensitive about the one-sided story that you, the open-eyed traveler with journalistic instincts and humanitarian sensibilities, wrote. (Is that really the way you see yourself?) I felt that you were the one being very unreasonable and critical, doing the targeting with very unfair journalism. Many hateful people that do know and understand the history of Israel will always blame Israel even with the facts they ignore on purpose because it is the Jewish state. This is called anti-Semitism. With this latest article, I at least had hope that you really were just a tad bit naive with a strong opinion. I’m glad the cool, calm and level-headed Mendal Mintz was the one you found reasonable and perhaps got through to you. Thank you for the Mintz, a reasonable critic, article. It was reasonable.

Jerome Marks


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