One must see Aspen politics to believe it |

One must see Aspen politics to believe it

Just in case you don’t remember, one year ago the “one-roof proposal” for City Hall was $20 million cheaper and an estimated 10 years less time to complete, and the Armory would become a community center instead of a shoehorn City Hall.

After a lot of shouting ”Taj Mahal!” and finger-pointing, the more expensive, more disruptive, less efficient, less “green” solution was adopted. The same anti-Taj contingent are now complaining that we shouldn’t borrow money to build the new City Hall.

Well, we had a cheaper solution and that was considered too hubristic for “small” government. We had a more efficient carbon footprint under one roof, but that was less important than square footage footprint. We had a less disruptive solution but that was — horrors — less disruptive. We actually voted that we wanted a community center more than an aging Armory wearing a skin-tight City Hall spandex refurbishment onesie and that people’s vote was tossed aside (insert the word “deplorable” as you will).

Flip. Flop. Want to know why it’s so difficult to get anything done in Aspen? Flip. Flop. Flippety floppity flipperooni floppsy woppsy doodle all day.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Ziska Childs


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