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On Snowmass and Joe Palooka

Ever since the announcement of and during the six-day marathon of Snowmass Village Planapalooza, I kept remembering and thinking about a very popular cartoon character of yesteryear.

We Americans can keep awakening to more astonishing American importance which lets us discover who around us is one of us and for how long they have been in America.

Who is the cartoon character Emzy Veazy III keeps recalling because of Snowmass Village Planapalooza?

The guy is the heavyweight boxing champion Joe Palooka! For God’s sake, I am the only who has the memory trigger of the Joe Palooka newspaper comic strip! Joe Palooka, from the 1930s onward, came out in comic books, a radio series, a newspaper comic strip, motion pictures and television. Pow!

The Snowmass Village Planapalooza — held to establish ideas and goals for the Snowmass Village entry way, the Snowmass Village Center and the Snowmass Village Mall — better have the boxing punch of the mighty he-man, heavyweight boxing champion Joe Palooka!

It’s long overdue for Snowmass Village to sock ’em and knock ’em dead with a Joe Palooka knockout punch as the resort good enough for a royal court, the British monarchy!

Whatever is lacking I shall put polish on the Snowmass Village Planapalooza a la Joe Palooka astonishment.


Emzy Veazy III

Aspen and Burbank, California

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