Nothing else but wealth matters to Aspen landlords |

Nothing else but wealth matters to Aspen landlords

While there has been justifiable consternation about the Hechts’ bouncing the Paradise Bakery, this is just another in a series of transactions by developers where in the end a venerated Aspen institution is sacrificed for greed (i.e. Little Annie’s).

The central core of Aspen is nothing but a Monopoly board for the Hunt/Hech — you can fill in rest — to play their game. As much as the public and our erstwhile elected officials collectively wring their hands, there is no litmus test of civic responsibility in the game of Monopoly. It is all about accumulating wealth.

If one checks the rules, here is how game of Monopoly ends: In Aspen, like Monopoly, the character of the community is irrelevant to the players.

Neil B. Siegel


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