Not the time to compromise |

Not the time to compromise

Roger Marolt’s column “ A developer’s dream come true” is spot on. The only person who will come away smiling from the compromise offered for City Hall space is the developer. A decision of this magnitude — 50-plus years — should not be the subject of anything less than a full solution. Lest we forget, the monstrosity that is the Aspen Art Museum was conceived out of litigation and compromise brokered by our former “visionary” Mayor Mick Ireland.

The city has every right to rely on the expert advice of counsel and litigate the morass created by two residents (and one dolt) to finality. If successful, it can move forward with the approved plans that a vast majority believe offers the best planning for city office space in the long term. And, if the current case is deemed to be objectively meritless, the city can reach into the deep pockets of the plaintiffs and recoup a portion of its expenses.

It is true that in the short term the current situation is expensive and vexing. But, in the long term, if the advice and planning is correct, future generations will be the beneficiary of the resolve exhibited by our present-day elected officials.

Neil B. Siegel


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