Not the destination but the journey |

Not the destination but the journey

Hey, you! The 92 percent of you who drive on the highway. Why are you in such a hurry to get to where you are going? If you are so fast, then why aren’t you there already? Or is it that you just need to get ahead of me because you have to win the race? The rat race.

Try this: slow down a bit and enjoy the ride. Whatever you are headed to will still be there when you arrive and everybody will be a bit safer. Is it really worth it if you are late for something to rush and drive like a maniac and expose everyone else on the road to your recklessness, possibly injuring or killing innocent people? After all, it is your fault that you failed to plan ahead and leave enough time to reach your destination in a timely fashion. Don’t take out your shortcomings on those of us who are traveling from place to place and have thought ahead enough to have the time to travel at a safer rate and/or the speed limit. People much more intelligent than you have determined what the safe velocity is for a given piece of the highway. In Snowmass Canyon, the speed limit is set to the sightlines so that if there is an obstruction ahead you will have the time to see and avoid it. Accept responsibility for the consequences of your actions and wise up!

Prentice Boyd Billings


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