Not buying what the Tree Farm is selling |

Not buying what the Tree Farm is selling

If you need a good laugh, I suggest you attend the next meeting for the Tree Farm development on Monday at the Eagle County center in El Jebel.

At the last meeting the talking heads for Ace Lane informed us even though there will be hundreds of more vehicle trips in the midvalley, our travel time will actually decrease due to new technology. Say what? We were also informed that with over a thousand more people, hundreds of more vehicles and all the pollution that will be created, that our quality of life will be improved. Really?

Oh, did I forget to mention that I saw Big Foot the other day crossing the Roaring Fork River?

Don’t most of live here to get away from very crap Ace Lane is trying to shove down our throats? Please, write your Eagle County commissioners at They do take your comments seriously.

Tom O’Keefe

El Jebel

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