Nonprofits depend on the Healthy Community Fund |

Nonprofits depend on the Healthy Community Fund

I am involved with community organizations that have been supported by the Healthy Community Fund; Wilderness Workshop, the Aspen Buddy Program and Western Slope Veterans Coalition, to name a few.

A little girl was asked what she cared about. She said, “Animals, the environment and children, because they can’t take care of themselves.” I’ll add our veterans to that list.

The Healthy Community Fund helps all of those and so many other community organizations.

So many of our community organizations are small, volunteer groups that provide needed services.

They depend on the Healthy Community Fund. I urge you to vote for the Healthy Community Fund tax renewal — Ballot Issue 1A.

Charles Hopton

President, Western Slope Veterans Coalition; Treasurer, Wilderness Workshop; National Committee member, Aspen Buddy Program

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