No excuse for late buses |

No excuse for late buses

RFTA you have to do better! You have the resources and ability to get your riders to work on time or relatively close to that and yet the last two mornings you have failed. It’s not like you are dealing with blinding snow storms, we’d cut you some slack then and so would our employers. My son finally gave up and had to hitchhike to work this morning. He showed up for your “on time” 7:44 a.m. bus at Lazy Glen and then caught a ride in a car at 8:10 a.m., since the 7:44 a.m. bus had still not shown up. You have BRT and X buses — when you know the local buses are insanely late, use all the buses at your disposal and get us to work. There are not that many stops, divy it up and pick people up!

Gail Mason


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