New Boomerang proposal out of character with Aspen neighborhood |

New Boomerang proposal out of character with Aspen neighborhood

To support the Boomerang as proposed is to permanently alter the quiet and residential areas of West Hopkins Avenue, to turn the safe bike path into a throughway for autos and commercial vehicles and not the safe bike path as it now exists.

As of now, the area is a safe and pleasant place for residents to walk, and also permitting a safe area where they don’t have to compete with vehicles, as there is almost zero traffic, which will certainly change if such a building is permitted to be built in this iteration.

We residents of Aspen are committed to not losing our view of the western end of Aspen Mountain. The current plan is for an entity too large and too high.

If it must be on that site, mandate builders to comply with the will of the people, not to block our view or alter the nature of Aspen’s quiet residential West End. This structure requires a rethinking and a review of what should be permitted in a commercial structure in the quiet of a residential area.

Have builders fall back and re-evaluate their structure so it is in context with area structures and not be a beacon of wrongful thoughts and actions.

David J.B. Singer


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