Mullins has invaluable leadership skills |

Mullins has invaluable leadership skills

I have known Ann Mullins for 35 years. I have watched her for 20 years as a founding partner build one of the top urban-design firms in the United States. I have witnessed the leadership she exhibited as the University of Colorado campus landscape architect. She is a problem solver; she takes her creative training and background and skillfully applies it to a range of issues.

This kind of experience in invaluable for the Aspen City Council. Ann can be a soft-spoken woman, considerate and respectful of others views; alongside that polite exterior is a very bright woman and leader, experienced in standing strong in her beliefs. She is skilled with finances; she has that mathematical mind ready to evaluate tough issues and create thoughtful solutions. Aspen is truly fortunate to have attracted a professional with such experience. What an advantage when evaluating development potential, strategizing affordable housing, dealing with transportation or environmental issues, or understanding historic properties to have Ann Mullins’ thoughtful comments. This breadth of experience is a rare opportunity.

Leslie Bethel

Director, Downtown Development Authority

City of Glenwood Springs

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