Mullins has earned another term on Aspen City Council |

Mullins has earned another term on Aspen City Council

With the field now set for the two City Council seats, one candidate, Ann Mullins, stands well above the field. She has served one distinguished term on the council and her record compels her re-election. Ann has projected a clear vision for our city, one shaped by years of working for the Historic Preservation Commission. She comes to meetings always prepared and offers thoughtful questions and commentary in a respectful manner. She is a leader and team player, a leveling influence and never a disruptive element in debate.

Other candidates may run on aspirations and dreams or perhaps simply in opposition; but as an incumbent, Ann runs on her record over the past four years. Check it out; the positive results speak for themselves. Ann Mullins deserves broad support for re-election.

Neil B. Siegel


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