Mourning the loss of Soupskol |

Mourning the loss of Soupskol

Mourning the loss of Soupskol

I want my street food back. It’s bad enough I can’t get a crepe at the Popcorn Wagon after a movie, or a taco from the pop-up next to where Bell Mountain Sports used to be … or that a hot-dog cart is considered a threat to the Hyman Mall businesses (mustard on the fur coat ohhhhhnoooooooooooooo!). But Soupskol? Soupskol? Was Little Annie’s the only glue that held Soupskol together? Really?

I’m not well-enough heeled to eat at these restaurants on a regular basis, but my guests ask me where to eat all the time. Soupskol has been an easy way to evaluate both the kitchen and the staff so I can give an honest opinion to any Aspen visitor. Not to mention, you never know who you will meet in line — billionaires to lifties. Everyone loves free soup.

Ziska Childs


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