Mountain Rescue Aspen volunteers deserve our respect |

Mountain Rescue Aspen volunteers deserve our respect

I read the article regarding the rift between the Pitkin County Sheriff’s Office and Mountain Rescue Aspen with something between abject horror and sadness. There were truths, e.g. Mountain Rescue Aspen is covered by the county’s insurance and so it does need to be transparent to the Sheriff’s Office and Pitkin County regarding any risky behavior, including training exercises. There was the truth that the Sheriff’s Office is always considered incident commander on all missions. What I took exception to after working with this selfless and brave organization as an incident comander for the Sheriff’s Office for 19 years were the many anonymous comments from the Sheriff’s Office. Many were mean and spiteful. Comparing a distinguished organization of volunteers who risk their lives to rescue or recover human beings with one of many tow truck companies is insulting. Not including one’s name is cowardly. I drove by the Mountain Rescue Aspen facility the day after this article was published and saw numerous Sheriff’s Office vehicles there. I can only hope an apology was being proposed from the Sheriff for the anonymous sources comments. And last, props to David Swersky for his comments and being transparent in revealing his name.

Ann Stephenson


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