Millennials lead the charge left |

Millennials lead the charge left

My generation, the baby boomers, has always been a very misunderstood group. Back in the ’60s, the general perception was we were primarily hippies or left-wing radicals. That has never been the case.

Richard Nixon won the 1968 election and in 1972 by one of the largest margins in history with substantial support from the boomers. I was at the Democratic headquarters in Bloomington, Indiana, when it became obvious George McGovern was only going to carry one state and a party staffer announced, “The bus for Massachusetts leaves in five minutes.”

When you think of it, with all the radical politics, free love and alternative lifestyles, about the only legacy that lasted on a large scale was pot.

Today, the swing to the left is being led by the millennials. Donald Trump gets the majority of his support from the boomers. I’m proud of my generation for what we accomplished, but I say go, kids, go.

Fred Malo Jr.


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