Mesirow, Richards support environment |

Mesirow, Richards support environment

Aspen can play a major role in the fight to stop climate change, and this election will be crucial. Without federal leadership, but with aggressive action at the state level, Aspen can and should expand its role as a shining city on a hill, modeling new, innovative, and even risky climate solutions in housing, transportation, clean energy policy and projects, and building practices.

The best two candidates to support this effort are Rachel Richards and Skippy Mesirow.

In Skippy, we have what the valley badly needs, which is new, young leadership. Skippy has shown a willingness to reach out, learn, listen and evolve his positions accordingly, and will represent a new generation that cares more about climate than previous ones.

Rachel has long history and serious wonkiness when it comes to environmental policy, just when we need it.

Please vote for Skippy an Rachel.

Auden Schendler


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