Mayor’s statement out of touch |

Mayor’s statement out of touch

Imagine if a senior executive of Aspen Skiing Co. or the Aspen Chamber Resort Association were to make a public statement like this: “Aspen community values may not be for everyone. If you want an auto-centric downtown, there are plenty of other communities. … If that doesn’t gel with someone’s values, perhaps this town isn’t for you.”

I don’t imagine that anyone with a senior position in Aspen’s hospitality industry would hold onto their job very long after making this kind of offensive remark. Yet, these were Aspen Mayor Steve Skadron’s exact words at a recent Aspen City Council meeting, words which he uttered “with rising passions,” according to the Aspen Daily News.

Let’s be thankful that Skadron’s final month in office is next June. Hopefully his successor will have a more receptive attitude toward sensible and fresh ideas, like making the Castle Creek Bridge a two-lane exit route out of Aspen and building a new two-lane entry route directly onto West Main Street. Aspen needs a mayor who will embrace a modern view of public safety as well as a modern view of the needs of commercial traffic. Aspen needs a mayor who will make these twin goals a reality for all of us who live here, work here or visit this fantastic place.

John Hornblower

Snowmass Village

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