Mayor hopeful vows to fire city manager |

Mayor hopeful vows to fire city manager

“The bigger the government, the less the liberty.” — Hunter S. Thompson

If you believe Aspen Skiing Co. and local government need more power and more of your taxes, stop reading and vote for the corrupt machine’s incumbents for mayor and council.

As a fiscal conservative running against a big government, crony capitalist, jet-setting elitist mayor who is more aptly often found in Paris and Dubai, if elected, I would:

• Fire the city manager and pass a city hiring freeze.

• Look for guidance from Bert Myrin who stated correctly that we are not practicing the golden rule: Love your neighbor.

• Curb local government’s unrestrained growth by killing the proposed “Taj Majal” City Hall which is much larger than the humorless Aspen Art Museum.

• Pass a property tax cut.

Lee Mulcahy


Editor’s note: The quote Mulcahy attributed to Hunter S. Thompson could not be verified as the late writer’s own words. Mulcahy, when asked about the quote’s authenticity, asked that The Aspen Times note that Thompson “allegedly” said it.

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