Maloy gets it wrong, vote for Slusar |

Maloy gets it wrong, vote for Slusar

Boy, did John Maloy get it wrong when describing Bettina Slusar, candidate for Aspen School District Board of Education (“Maloy: Slusar shows little regard for the truth,’” letters, Oct. 23,

Her actual quote from the Sept. 16, 2018 board meeting (documented by The Aspen Times) was, “A fish rots from the head down.” This old proverb is often used in business to describe the effects of bad leadership on an organization. And its solution — to cut the head off — was a reference to toppling leadership, not topping Mr. Maloy.

Don’t be distracted by the noise. Bettina offers the smarts, experience, humor and backbone we need to help steer our district leadership in the right direction. She has earned my vote and, I respectfully submit, deserves yours.

Lara Whitley


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