Make your Aug. 21 eclipse plans now |

Make your Aug. 21 eclipse plans now

Aug. 21 will be a special day for our continent. The moon will eclipse the sun for the first time since 1979. In Glenwood we can expect 90 percent coverage of the sun. That is like the last ray of twilight before the terminator (the distinct line between dark and light) crosses our longitude (the imaginary line from the North Pole to the South Pole).

All of North America will be exposed to this eclipse event to some degree. Bring a light; we will need it for two minutes to see our way. Bring a No. 10 welding filter; we will need that to look at the sun full on. To see a 100 percent cover of the sun (a scientific necessity to study the corona), one only need to venture 300 miles northeast as the crow flies.

It will be an amazing experience that we do not want to miss or under play. Plan ahead and take advantage of this event.

John Hoffmann


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