Make Aspen malls great again |

Make Aspen malls great again

Aspen City Council, yes, you need to upgrade the infrastructure under the pedestrian malls and make the surface ADA compatible. You also need to transition Car To Go to 100% battery electric. Even if you phase in the transition, it’s going to cast a lot of money for new vehicles and new infrastructure. Hopefully, you have already bought your last internal combustion engine vehicle for that program.

A Tesla 3 parked downtown would look great. You can find that money by not demolishing the mall rest rooms and hauling a fair amount of it to the county landfill. According to Cathy Hall, the landfill only has four years of capacity left.

You need to govern with the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” slogan in mind. Seems that the proposed changes to the malls are the exact opposite of that slogan. You need to forcefully jump in and minimize the future costs and carbon pollution of the already settled conceptual plans. You can do this; you are best when you are mission-focused.

Tom Mooney


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