Mailing it in |

Mailing it in

Norma Wilhelm
Snowmass Village

Dear Editor:

Maybe someone can explain to me why the U.S. Postal Service was spending 40 million taxpayer dollars on sponsoring a bike team. According to Lance Armstrong’s lawyers, he helped the Postal Service brand to achieve worldwide recognition.

I’m wondering, why does the Postal Service need worldwide recognition? Does it think Europeans will run out and buy U.S. stamps if they see the Postal Service logo on Lance’s shirt? Or maybe this will cause Americans to purchase more from the Postal Service. Or maybe, since the Postal Service was doing so well in the U.S., it was planning on going global.

Maybe I’m viewing this the wrong way. If the Postal Service can get triple damages and turn $40 million over six years into $120 million-plus, then that presents a pretty good return (even after Floyd’s cut). I don’t know of anyone else that is getting that kind of return in this economy. So maybe the people at the Postal Service are really geniuses in disguise.

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