Littwin: Summer of rage, summer of outrage |

Littwin: Summer of rage, summer of outrage

Mike Littwin
Fair and Unbalanced

The temptation is to say that we’ve reached a breaking point. That the center cannot hold. That, as The New York Post irresponsibly splashed across its front page, we’re now in a civil war.

The truth is far more complicated than that. This is not 1968. Or 1861. A nation is not torn asunder. Protesters didn’t join the snipers. There was no police riot.

The truth, the hard truth, is that we are finally being forced to take a harder look at ourselves, to ask honest questions about violence, about race, about polarization, about demonization, about politics, about media, about the desire to look for easy answers in a complicated world.

And in the most obvious truth of all, we are forced to look again at gun violence, even as the sound of Dallas gunshots echo in our ears.

If anything, this should be more a tipping point than a breaking point. But sadly, whether we can successfully confront any of those truths is, at this point, very much an open question.

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