Lit up over Basalt menorah remarks |

Lit up over Basalt menorah remarks

In response to your letter from Mark Kwiecienski (“Menorahs don’t belong on public land,” letters, Dec. 3, 2018, The Aspen Times), I am completely enraged.

No matter what you call “holiday lights,” do you really think it has anything to do with representing anything other than Christmas? Lights, trees and wreaths are decorating town on public land everywhere. We hear, listen to and see Christmas everywhere.

There is usually an evening of caroling in the park and Saint Nicholas visiting with his reindeer. It has nothing to do with anything other than Christmas.

Seriously, give us all a break. There is nothing wrong with the expression of all cultures where all citizens can enjoy, appreciate, share and yes, maybe learn something. It is a sign of a holiday, just like your lights are. Happy Chanukah, happy Christmas, happy Kwanza, and peace to all!

Lisa H. Mills


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