Listen to true Aspenites on bridge plan |

Listen to true Aspenites on bridge plan

Aspen is our town, and belongs to all 6,700 residents. When decisions are made based solely on the wishes of our elected officials, we cease to be a democracy. The residents who dine, shop and park in Aspen pay the salaries of our elected officials and city staff.

While I have been a cyclist my entire life, I would never ride my bike to dinner.

Your plan for the Castle Creek Bridge is going to bring back the Black Cloud of carbon emissions we had in the ’90s. How could you proceed with a plan based on only 102 survey responses without consulting all Aspen residents? I would suggest the city create a more broad forum to represent our town’s interests.

I am a fourth generation Aspenite, and do not appreciate people coming into our town and trying to change it to their town.

We are not Zermatt. We have a state Highway through Aspen that feeds our entire economy, and those tourists are traveling to Aspen by motorized transportation.

I encourage Aspenites to stand up and be heard.

David Stapleton


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