Lift One project will turn green space into concrete |

Lift One project will turn green space into concrete

The Lift One ballot question is unfortunately a mix of good ideas, so-so ideas and truly bad ideas.

It needs to be voted down so the good parts can be voted on separately and the bad parts can be removed. What are the bad parts? Zoning changed from conservation to lodging just for the convenience of a developer. A huge Gorsuch Haus hotel, more than three times the size of the Aspen Art Museum and located right at the top of Aspen street.

Plus, there is no incentive to make sure that such a monstrosity would even be completed in a reasonable time frame. The lower lift location is a great idea but can be done without turning green space on Aspen Mountain into concrete. To do the Lift One corridor the right way the current proposal must be defeated. Vote “no” on March 5!

Jeff Harvey


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