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Letter: You got me pegged

In response to Aaron Anderson, you got me just right, buddy! (“Frustrated motorist needs to look in the mirror,” Letters, March 13, The Aspen Times.)

I’m glad I repulse you by being in the left lane waiting my turn to merge or be let in. Thanks for the advice on the airport lane, as well — to merge in and pass everyone who is sitting there waiting their turn, because my time and destination are much more important than theirs.

As far as going home and having my family cater to me — totally! Between my 3-year-old, 8-year-old and husband, I do nothing, and they take care of it all!

You did, however, have me wrong when you said I turn on red arrows because I don’t want to wait. Yeah, I don’t do that, because if my 2005 blue Subaru Impreza were hit, it would probably be demolished.

Karla Henrichon


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