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Letter: You can’t park in a garage that isn’t approved

Ford Hauenheckcanwetrustem has been telling us the lack of on-site parking really is a problem (one of many) with Clark Bunt’s Off Base project. Now it seems that Clark realizes it too. And maybe even his sidekick Blayne “Off Base Village” Sombrero, as well. It was predictable Bunt would not cure the problem but say he had.

On Monday Bunt’s planner, Rich House, sat at his keyboard and wrote a letter to the City. It said, “We promise to build an underground parking garage.” Was it the same keyboard at which House wrote the letter to the City in August saying, “We promise that we absolutely, positively, forever and forever withdraw the approval for Off Base?” The same one on which he almost immediately typed the one that said, “We didn’t mean it?”

Hauenheckcanwetrustem was quoted as saying, “you can’t ski a forecast.” No. And you can’t park in a garage that isn’t part of the approvals people will vote on in November.

Maurice Emmer


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