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Letter: Yes for Skadron; no on Referendum 1

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Steve Skadron as a friend and business colleague for 17 years. Steve has brought a refreshing balance and perspective to Aspen City Council deliberations, and I’m proud of how well he has represented our community as mayor.

Steve is creative, thoughtful, ethical and visionary. He has fostered the most respectful tone and valuable dialogue that our council has seen for years. Plus, under his leadership, this council has many accomplishments. We should feel honored to have Steve’s continued leadership in Aspen as our mayor.

Those residents who are blaming Steve and this council for Aspen’s recent, massive buildings are misguided. This council changed the land-use code to reduce the height to what is allowed today. Those buildings couldn’t be built under the existing land-use code, and we have this council and mayor to thank for that. So, what we’re seeing in Referendum 1 is a misguided, shortsighted, knee-jerk reaction to events from the “infill” initiative more than 10 years ago.

Amending the city charter (which is our city’s constitution) is the wrong answer. This should be a debate about the appropriate components of the land-use code, not the city charter. We should foster, not stifle, creativity in our built environment. Referendum 1 is bad government.

Jeanette Darnauer


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