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Letter: Wrong is wrong

I commend President Barack Obama for his grace in the face of horror. Perhaps that is why he has such a beautiful family! I am certain that the way we treat others is a direct reflection about how we feel about ourselves. Wrong is wrong! Hate never helps. The internment camps of World War II were a result of fear. The end result was not what I believe we want to be as a country.

Express yourself as you see fit. I used to march against the war in Vietnam (I never liked killing people in the name of an illusion for the financial benefit of those who fueled the war — I did not see them over there). The protest is credited for helping end that war. We are fortunate that we can speak out in this country. I just hope the Earth survives what may come (personally, I do not think the political scenario will turn out as bad as it appears now).

Do not forget that millions of people, often children, starve to death in a world of abundance — how would you feel if one of those without food was one you cared for?

John McCormick


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