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Letter: Written attack on Mick Ireland full of falsehoods

My name is Mary Messner. I am writing to refute the falsehoods about Mick Ireland published in a letter from Col. Allen Mayfield. At no time did Mick use the language Mayfield claims as a justification for punching Mick.

Here’s what actually happened:

On the afternoon of the Aspen Art Museum opening, I took my dog to Koch Park across the street from my house. I was invited to come to Koch Park by some of my friends. I called Mick and asked him to meet me there. I did not see any sign or other indication that this was a private party.

Mick came to the park and sat near me. When he returned with food, Mayfield stood up and confronted Mick. At no time did Mick use the words “slut,” “whore” or “bitch” in talking to me, nor did he use any other words of anger or foul language to me.

Mick is my friend. In the three months I have known him and seen him on an almost daily basis, I have never once heard him use those words in anger or in jest or any other manner. They simply are not his words.

I have since moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where I am now attending law school.

In my opinion, Mayfield is not telling the truth and owes Mick an apology. I am sorry your newspaper saw fit to publish this libelous attack on Mick without checking the facts.

Thank you.

Mary Messner

Charlotte, North Carolina

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