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Letter: Winter idling tips

Winter idling tips

“We munchkins have no alternative but to head up valley in our vehicles, thereby ‘polluting’ this pristine valley with our tiny carbon footprints,” writes Cheryl “Ollie” Natale (“Aspen is green with hypocrisy,” letters, Dec. 18, The Aspen Times).

I present a few facts for the “little folk” Ollie.

First off, your car will heat up in five minutes or less. For your hands, WalMart sells these items made in China called gloves. They used to be made in America, but not much anymore, and they keep your hands warm! There are also stocking hat/beanies for your head. We do live in a cold climate, so I bet you own some of these.

Second, you do have a choice and many choices at that: Ride the bus to work. Get a job downvalley. Carpool. File for unemployment. Or put on some gloves, hat and warm your car up with a “small space heater” (as one Aspenite recommended) and drive to work, while being grateful to have a job while so many Americans are still unemployed.

I agree that no human needs a 10,000-square-foot home to vacation in four week a year, but that is what the rich do, they boast. We cannot change that. If you are so sour about “serving” those living and vacationing in the Emerald City, then I suggest you look for another line of work, and you might find a greater state of peace and happiness.

I do encourage the city of Aspen to do something about the bottleneck at Buttermilk. Nothing says “welcome to our quaint-little mountain retreat” like a line of idling autos backed up past the airport where the pilot parked the G6! Talk about a carbon footprint that can be solved and better the lives of both commuting workerss and visiting guests!

John Norman


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