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Letter: Wild weather is no coincidence

Wild weather is no coincidence

Just as one can’t prove that these Colorado floods of 2013 have been caused by global warming, you can’t prove that they weren’t.

A far more reasonable viewpoint would be that they simply have been made worse by man-made global warming — just as Sandy’s and Katrina’s devastation were made worse by global warming. And the cost goes on and on and on because the generation in power mostly believes that this world is ours to burn.

One of the crazy things going on now is that the counties in Florida are fighting over sand, so they can replenish their diminishing beaches. Seems there isn’t enough sand to go around. They are even considering using ground-up recycled glass bottles!

While a good economy is a great foundation for sustainability, sustainability is even a greater foundation for our economy. To hell with the gas and coal lobbies.

Thomas Mooney


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