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Letter: Why won’t Kerry Donovan agree to another debate?

Rick Carroll’s detailed breakdown of the Lee Mulcahy for Senate campaign expenditures could easily be construed as money squandered — which is far from the truth. (“Mulcahy trails substantially in campaign fundraising battle,” Oct. 3, The Aspen Times.)

With limited resources, the Lee Mulcahy for Senate campaign has elected to spread his platform of curtailing federal government overreach and re-establishing a strong middle class via nontraditional methods.

In addition to going door-to-door, we have conducted several meet-the-candidate sessions throughout the district. These sessions, named the Free Fine Dining Cannabis Exploration Dinners, have proven to be a popular forum for residents to express their concerns. Every penny received from campaign contributions has been used to fund these activities.

As an independent, third-party candidate, whose name will appear on the November ballot, the Lee Mulcahy for Senate campaign faces numerous challenges not encountered by candidates from the two established parties. These challenges include: being excluded from all four candidate debates to date; being excluded from Q&A sessions conducted by news reporters from local papers, such as the Vail Daily; as well as being excluded from the fundraising infrastructure and dark money support of the established political parties.

Ray Cheney

Campaign Manager, Lee Mulcahy for Senate

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