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Letter: Why I am not running for mayor of Basalt

I have decided not to run for Basalt mayor in order to allow the community to have a clear choice between a candidate who supports aggressive growth and development, Rick Stevens, and one who promotes low growth and slow development, current Mayor Jacque Whitsitt. When I announced that I would run for the position, I embraced a moderate growth position, which has gained no traction from the community. Rather than muddy the waters with a third candidate, I think it best for Basalt voters to cast votes for one approach or the other.

Both candidates have deep civic experience as Basalt mayors and council members. Their character and attitudes are well-known to the electorate. I have had a cordial working relationship with both candidates on the council, and I look forward to working cooperatively with the winner.

I believe that this mayoral election will have one of the largest turnouts in Basalt’s history. It also will determine the town’s approach to growth for many years. I encourage every registered voter to participate so that this election will truly represent the will of the people.

Bernie Grauer


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