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Letter: Who’s the deplorable?

Regarding Roger Marolt’s Sept. 23 column “A bad sign planted on the front lawn”:

Roger has the right to find Trump deplorable. He has the right to find me deplorable for putting up three Trump-Pence signs on my property in plain view as he drives to work. But does he find “deplorable” the act of whoever repeatedly trespassed and removed my single Trump sign from my property, leading me ultimately to put up more signs in return? Does he find deplorable the people who trespass and rip up signs on others’ property? Or does he think it’s OK to trespass and vandalize as long as the target is someone with whom Roger disagrees?

By the way, Roger, where do you get off insinuating I’m a Klanner and a Nazi because I express my electoral preference? That’s really deplorable.

Maurice Emmer


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