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Letter: What terribly sad news

We were so excited to welcome the Aspen Science Center’s “world-class informal learning center for science, technology, engineering and mathematics” to the Old Power House.

As a local mom who believes in educating children about science, having a local science center would have been the most wonderful opportunity for us and our children. Kids from all over the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond would have been able to enjoy exhibits and programs in astronomy, biology, chemistry, computers, electronics, geology, mechanics and physics. We would have enjoyed science nights out as a family, and when our son is a little older, he would have been able to attend science camp with friends, just down the road from home.

The Aspen Science Center summer events, along with all the other wonderful festivals Aspen hosts, just aren’t enough!

What a terrible loss that the Aspen Science Center did not win the vote.

Stacey Gardner


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