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Letter (Wednesday, Aug. 14): An idea that needs to be buried

Dear Editor:

Susan O’Neal’s latest letter accuses Doug Allen of “childishness” when it’s her foolish ideas that are really childish!

Let’s start with her brilliant idea to move the bus station from Rubey Park and ask passengers (mostly workers) to add a shuttle or a five- to six-block uphill walk to their commute — really? And what will this cost?

Or how about spending millions to dig up Wagner Park and create more dust, noise and congestion to solve an issue that’s primarily a problem near the restaurant area for a few hours in the evening and for less than half of the year?

Hopefully our new city administration will avoid the wasteful spending that was the hallmark of the old regime ($18 million lumberyard, premature purchase of hydro equipment, etc.). O’Neal’s plans certainly would add to this list.

Jerry Epstein


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