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Letter: Watch the Dems squirm

The recent revelations of “Obamacare architect” Dr. Jonathan Gruber are just the cat’s pajamas! Finally the liberal “intelligencia” put it simply enough that even an Obama supporter can decipher it: We can’t really tell you the truth because the bill won’t pass, and you are too stupid to understand the importance of passing the bill. Once again, you have been played. Now it’ll be amusing to watch the White House and the mainstream media try to spin this.

Let’s imagine some possibilities:

1. The good doctor was misquoted and/or taken out of context.

2. You didn’t really see or hear what you saw and heard.

3. It’s not entirely clear yet, but we believe the Bush administration had something to do with it.

4) Now, now, don’t worry your pretty little head; it’s just those evil Republicans trying to “invent” another scandal.

Rich Wontor


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