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Letter: Wasted tax dollars

Last time I checked, there were seven days in the week, 12 months in the year and numerous S-curve studies costing taxpayers millions of dollars. The result is the same — just refer yourselves to the definition of insanity.

Is it too much to ask our government officials to dust off the previous studies and come up with an improvement for the entry?

Traffic in the summer and peak winter weeks will always be a factor. Aspen attracts lots of folks, and that is healthy. The S-curve does not discourage tourism, and neither will a straighter entry increase the number of visitors.

Let’s make it safer and easier for arrival and exit. Concerned about speed? There are many ways to mitigate this. Speed control and adequate monitoring are already in place and working.

It is wasteful and insulting to the taxpayer for yet another study.

George Falk

Snowmass Village

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