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Letter: Vultures circling

The upper pay-to-play Aspen crowd, the vulture class, will swoop into Aspen over the next days to scavenge for political favoritism and assure its ton of flesh, that is, attend a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. For those attending, the $10,000 to $50,000 entrance fee is chump change when considering the rewards to come down the pike — just take a look at the Clinton Foundation, which directly or indirectly rewards those who reward the foundation.

The money elite and political elite will make a few behind-the-scenes deals (e.g., help fund the Clinton campaign, and the political appointment or policy you seek will be granted), yet this meeting will really be about future social networking and future shady dealmaking among the Democrat wing of the elites should Clinton win the presidency. Exchanges of secret cell numbers and email addresses are assured (private servers and other dark communication appear to be the new norm among those with access to capital, resources and power), because strategies for future collusion are largely nefarious.

Sadly, this is a mere snapshot of today’s bought-and-sold, predatory U.S. political system, for Donald Trump’s Aspen fundraiser is likely just around the corner, and that means more vultures circling Aspen.

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs

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