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Letter: Voting 101

Election Day is Nov. 4, and as a young person concerned about the future of politics in America, I am urging all of my peers and new arrivals in the valley to make your voices heard and vote. The issues on the ballot and the candidates running for office will shape our future, and our generation needs to be a part of determining that.

Here are a couple of things to know to cast your ballot this fall:

• You can register to vote online, at the County Clerk’s Office or with individuals who are part of a voter-registration drive (look for them in your community!).

• Your ballot will be sent automatically to your mailing address this year as long as you register by Oct. 17.

• If you do not register by Oct. 17, you can register in person and vote on the same day at the Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

• If you don’t want to mail in your ballot, you can bring it to a drop-off location.

If you have any questions or address updates or to find a drop-off location, visit http://www.govotecolorado.com.

There is a lot at stake in this election, and young people do have the collective power to determine the outcome. Have a voice in the community — vote.

Courtland Kelly


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