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Letter: Vote for Clapper

Vote Clapper tomorrow

With Election Day a day away, I would like to again clarify my campaign issues and positions. As a member of the Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners, I will specifically and carefully address the following issues:

Health and Human Services: Rising mental health and suicide tragedies show we have a valleywide need for mental-health services and facilities and safe rooms. Seniors are our fastest growing population. I am willing to lead the effort to serves these needs.

Growth and Development: We need to respect the needs and desires of our residents who moved here to enjoy a rural lifestyle. That means honoring the input of caucus plans and managing growth for long-term benefits and not short-term gains.

Agriculture: Our historic ranching and farming lifestyle and settings can be protected with further use of conservation easements, community gardens and exploring agricultural use of open space parcels for locally grown foods and for community supported agriculture.

Environment: Protecting Pitkin County’s pristine environment is priority one as our county’s economy, quality of life and moral character. Water quality/quantity and air quality levels must be established before further extraction of natural resources. And I believe that my experience in the halls of Congress can and will be of great help to issues such as those of the Thompson Divide Coalition.

I have made every effort to run a clean, positive, honest campaign. I have not called anyone names nor have I twisted anyone’s words. I would like to thank you for voting, and I would like to thank you for supporting Patti Clapper for Pitkin County commissioner.

Patti Clapper


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