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Letter: Vote against rampant development

As expected, there has been a maneuver by Mark Hunt to vilify Referendum 1, a self-interest action by a developer who has a big interest in developing his many properties by asking for the maximum number of variances to circumvent building, housing, historical and parking regulations. The ploy is to prove that a project (one of his) can automatically institute a public vote regardless of complying with current height and mass limits. The scare tactic is to discourage voters from voting “yes” on Referendum 1. No surprise.

Hey, Referendum 1 has got our back. Don’t be influenced by the thinly veiled threats to institute a public vote each time Hunt brings another building to the council. Bert Myrin, Mick Ireland and Torre also will have our back if elected. Perhaps we can then relax, breathe easier, enjoy our town and have less fear of what next development project will manifest due to an easily persuaded mayor and City Council. Then we can make some headway on important issues at the council. Won’t that be nice? Hold fast, and vote “yes” on Referendum 1.

Anne Byard


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