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Letter: Us versus us

Us versus us

The Referendum 1 charter amendment would be your responsibility — are you ready?

How would you have voted on the Molly Gibson variances? Fess up — do you believe all permits just deserve a big fat “rejected” stamped on their foreheads, or have you researched the code, listened to the proposal, pored over the plans, walked the neighborhood and taken the time to give it a fair hearing? Did you show up to council meetings when the plans were being presented? Did you watch it on GrassRoots? How do you feel about people who aren’t in your neighborhood voting on what’s built next door? Don’t have the time to sit through City Council meetings? Then what makes you think you have the time to evaluate each permit variance?

Do you honestly think Referendum 1 will achieve the “Aspen under glass” bell jar and stop time? Should we have a couple of blocks that are preserved like Williamsburg so you can relive the “Quiet Years”? Oh wait, we already do — it’s called South Aspen Street.

“But I’m angry!” you say. “They’re not listening to me, and they’re ruining my town!” you say. OK — but how does Referendum 1 solve that? The problem is we don’t listen to one another. The problem isn’t them — it’s us.

Ziska Childs


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