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Letter: Unfair treatment

I don’t know Lee Mulcahy. I also don’t know any of the rules for the affordable housing and employee housing in Pitkin County. I also do not know the judge who is requiring Mulcahy to put his home up for sale for breaking or bending the rules. I do have common sense, though. I am betting that 99 percent of people living in homes like this are bending the rules, even if just a tiny bit. I can actually fathom losing a home to really bad circumstances. So my thought is maybe a fine or a slight slap on the wrist is a better idea here. Seems like Mulcahy is a squeaky wheel in the community, but from what I read, he built the house, and maybe he helps out a lot of people here, as well. I don’t have all the facts, but the system going all-out nuclear seems really unfair.

Miles Knudson


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