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Letter: Unfair treatment toward Krabloonik

I’m writing in regard to all of the news about Dan MacEachen. My husband and I live in Chicago, and we just got back from Aspen last weekend.

We have been patrons of Krabloonik for more than 10 years now. I would highly doubt that anyone writing the negative press has met MacEachen or stepped foot on his property. To say that there is any sort of abuse is absolutely outrageous. Those who think there is abuse clearly don’t have animals of their own.

He is a man of few words, and that is too bad, as I wish he would come out and defend himself. The whole thing is extremely disappointing because he is truly a legend to the community who has done nothing but bring life and business to Snowmass. This is clearly a display of spiteful individuals who have nothing better to do but create negative press, and the media continue to unethically promote it.

Ashlee deSteiger


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