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Letter: Underwhelmed by Aspen’s airport

Underwhelmed by Aspen’s airport

Dear city of Aspen and Pitkin County,

Please upgrade your airport. On Saturday, March 8, I was at the airport waiting to get on my delayed flight back to Minneapolis. It was obvious the airport could not handle the number of people scheduled to get out. The ticket counters were backed up, the security line was out the door, and the fire marshal wouldn’t let anyone else in because of overcrowding.

After standing in line for hours talking to some locals trying to fly out, it seems an airport expansion has been discussed before with no action taken (except the runway extension).

Here are some suggestions: Upgrade the sound system, it’s completely unintelligible. Put a restaurant and bar in the area after passengers pass through the security area. Require the airlines to have more staff available, especially if bad weather is causing problems (it appeared one guy was responsible for fueling planes and loading luggage). Either turn the planes around faster or expand the runway again to let larger planes fly in.

Our group discussed taking Aspen off of our list of places to go skiing and I’m sure others in the lines were contemplating the same. Your mountains and snow are excellent, but your airport is mediocre at best.

Mark Connell

Eau Claire, Wisc.

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