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Letter: Unacceptable

Town of Snowmass Village, you just took another huge step down in my eyes. You allow the Krabloonik dogsledding operation a ridiculously high quota of 250 dogs that they can’t care for humanely, then you sanction “euthanizing older dogs” in order to make room for the over-breeding. (“Criminal case crucial to Krabloonik dog-sledding’s future,” Dec. 24, Aspen Daily News).

We’re not talking terminally ill and suffering older dogs here are we? No. We’re talking about those who just can’t pull the sleds for a profit anymore. You participate in Krabloonik’s disrespect for the loyal beings who worked hard on minimal amounts of food, frozen or lack of water, chained to a wooden box in the freezing winters and hot, dry summers 24/7/365. These are dogs that still have several good years of quality life left to enjoy if adopted out, as other Colorado dogsledding operations actually do, and the Aspen Animal Shelter is willing to continue to coordinate.

No wonder you don’t want to regulate the animal welfare at Krabloonik on a local level. You obviously don’t care about animal cruelty. Over the years these dogs have brought tourists and notoriety to Snowmass Village and to allow them to just be tossed away as used-up trash at the end of their productive years is just pathetic.

Ricki Newman


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